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Known for rich heritage and culture, India always had a special place and respect for animals. Even we can also see the significant role of animals like monkeys, swan, cow, crow etc, in our religious manuscripts. In early times there was no such need of animal welfare society or organization as each home itself was an animal welfare institution.  But the population explosion and urbanization have brought a big change in the society.

Previously, dead animals’ hides were only used to make leather, today even a large number of healthy, young animals are slaughtered for leather and meat.  Animals have become soft targets for anyone trying to make quick money. Be it a pet dog, a chicken kept in cramped cage for slaughter, cattle packed like sardines in trucks heading for the slaughter house, or the dancing bears or monkeys performing on the streets and in the circuses, all kinds of animals face countless sufferings at the hands of humans.

Raise Your VoicePeople find the community dogs and cats, dwelling in the colonies, as a nuisance and want them expelled. In actual, this is happened because of urbanization, the open spaces which were used to be the shelter of animals like cats and dogs are now changed into buildings and factories, letting these animals roam around the localities.

It is a well known fact that a large number of failed, injured and old race horses were sold to a knackery, where they are killed for pet food or slaughtered for human consumption, when they were no longer profitable for the horse racing industry.  How biased and ruthless we humans are for these speechless animals as we ourselves avail the pensions after retirement while slaughter these old or injured animals when they deserve the utmost care.

Despite increased awareness about animal rights, cruelty against animals is still aplenty. In such conditions, it is important to make more animal welfare societies in each community. Also, more veterinary physicians and hospitals for the proper treatment of sick and injured animals are required. Government should set clear legal limits to human behaviour relative to animals. A strict legal action should be taken against the person who violates animal rights and disregards the well being of animals. Awareness programs about animal issues and environment should be regularly organized in schools, colleges and social groups. Although Indian Government has made several laws for the welfare of the animals and have taken strict measures against the use of live animals in scientific researches, yet more need to be done in this area, and being human we all know; what they expect from us? Of course, not cruelty.