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Since the earliest human civilizations, women joined men in the establishment of society, trade, commerce and all other productive activities. On an average women comprises about 32% of the workforce in Indian IT Industry, which employs close to three million direct and 10-12 million people indirectly. The contribution of women in the growth of the economy has been immense and it is the responsibility of government and industries to provide a safe and secure working environment for women in the country on the urgent basis because crime against women is severely affecting their social and economic conditions.

Women Safety in the Corporate World1The issue of women’s safety at the workplace is of prime importance and utmost concern and every big or small firm need to take care of it. Women security should be high on priority for every organization, therefore, it is quite necessary that companies should constantly review the security policy and safety measures. Employers must ensure that the workplace is violence-free for all employees, including women by enforcing zero tolerance policies against verbal or physical abuse, sexual harassment and any other form of violence.

Things to Remember!

A woman employee must honestly assess her strength as well as weaknesses and based on this self-appraisal she must explore a career option that hones her skills and subdue the limitations. This way she can make a confident entry in the industries and avert potential performance threats from her male counterparts. Confidence makes you strong and prepare you to take workplace challenges in a very positive manner. So, never compromise with your performance and always bang on the critics with your superb records.

Focus on 3Cs

Coordination, co-operation and communication are the three strong weapons for every employee to protect oneself from all sorts of attacks and conspiracies. Coordinate well with people in your team, co-operate others at their calls, especially of women workers and communicate with the authorities and other female employees in a state of danger or doubtful circumstances, speak-up, if you ever notice something wrong. Be ready to nip the bud and avail all communication media available at the office premises. Women with their smart EQ and good communication skills can control every situation, practice these 3Cs effectively to avoid workplace problems.

Education has been a great enabler in the development and empowerment of women. The government has also started mobile apps to ensure safety of women in Metro cities. For example Delhi police has recently started a new mobile app known “Himmat” where women can ask for help at any time anywhere. Women should be educated about the measures and actions to be taken in case of any emergency.