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In the contemporary world Civil Society has become an integral part of everyday discussions, entailing from practising positive politics to bring about intellectual revolutions, civil society has become talk of the towns, everywhere. Be it a comfortable coffee shop, an overcrowded bus stop, a busy railway station, a famous book stand, a sophisticated airport lounge or just a tea stall thronged by gossip mongers , everyone seems to be so worried about the society, and as a responsible citizen tends to modify things in a positive manner. Of late, it has been quite evident that most of the civil societies came into existence because of the never quenching thirst of getting attention.  It would be harsh to judge it all but leaving a few exceptions aside, the very honest conviction of Civil Society has failed badly.
 The common man is fighting a battle against this pseudo socialism existing in the society today, he tried to convey a message to everyone that nation comes first & humanity should be our priority in every case, no matter how hard the situation becomes. He has always stood tall against every social evil all his life fighting for the rights of human being an institution alone, when needed. Corruption & Communalism have always been his enemies, and he is fighting with them alone. Several times, he decided to take a revolutionary step, to have his cravings for safeguarding human rights of every Indian. It’s high time we must ask ourselves the big questions that, are we civil or even social, to the core of our souls? No, we aren’t, because had we been, The common man would not be fighting his battle alone.

Industrial intervention made Social Work as an emerging sector and it has evolved as the centre of now, business houses came forward to be a part of this, in order to chisel out a good repute for their already functional enterprises. Politicians too, realized the need of being social and hence began to be a part of the social gatherings every fortnight in name of social welfare. Media persons too hunting for some breaking news added glamour to such gatherings, fuelling the Page3 culture amongst the wannabe celebrities. It’s all the same thing as the idioms says, Old Rum in New Bottle. Welfare is absent from most of these party, it has just become a trend & everyone is reaping benefits made available via funding by global agencies. Nobody cares. We need to be more civil in our conducts to reach out and tell the common man that he is not alone.