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Privacy is synonymous with humanity, goodness, character, decency, ethics and many more words, both in terms of meaning and essence. Although, it is not a fundamental or constitutional right in our country, but it is an anvil to shape almost every fundamental right, an imperative ingredient which can never be ignored while considering the human rights and freedom. To disclose one’s personal life in the public using a variety of mediums – human or electronic is a disgraceful act which bitterly affects dignity and life a person. Therefore, privacy is rather a fundamental tool to protect the fundamental rights.

Is Privacy An Ethical Or Fundamental Right

From family life to business engagements, there can be many incidences where people can intrude and disturb one’s privacy. And, in the age of communication and social media people are more vulnerable to privacy attacks on social media. Crimes such as e-mail hacking, identity theft, data theft, counterfeiting, morphing, blackmailing and even terrorist attacks are directly or indirectly associated with the violation of privacy policies or better to say ethics. In many recent cases a victim went through such an emotional shock that she/he compelled to make suicide attempts.

Privacy also play a pivotal role in sacred relationship between husband and the wife, too much curiosity about one’s personal life spoils mutual trust, ruin relationships and even results in the disintegration of a family. If your partner is unwilling to disclose her/his past, then don’t insist much. Focus on the present and the future, past has been passed forever and it will never come back. According to Charles Fried, “Privacy is necessarily related to ends and relations of the most fundamental sort: respect, love, friendship and trust, without privacy they are simply inconceivable.”

Being human, we cannot force any to share his/her personal issues, what one’s like or dislike, love or hate, favour or disfavour is of no use to us, until and unless his actions or policies going to affect us. Otherwise, it is the choice of an individual that whether a person is interested to reveal his/her views or not. In fact, things depend on mutual understanding, for those whom we trust, unveil every aspect of our life very easily and comfortably, but people who are just familiar with us can never become our confidante. Hence, we should keep ourselves away from the personal life of other people because dignity is the part of humanity.

The economy is struggling to grow due to unemployment, which must be regarded as the national concern. While there are many socioeconomic issues, unemployment must be our top priority.  The government should focus on generating new employment opportunities, which would help to reduce poverty and inequality and improve the living standard of the masses, both in the rural and urban India. The environment has led to a great deal of discussion about government policies to create jobs. Unemployment can be a miserable experience and during recessions more people suffer it. Jobs provide people with income to fulfill their daily necessities.
 Job creation has slowed down as a result of governments providing greater support to capital intensive industries rather than labor intensive industries. Lower interest rates have borne down on manufacturing equipment and this has increased unemployment. The government can stimulate job creation when it invests in projects that improve or create new services. A change in monetary policies, tax incentives and changes in regulations affects the labour market in the long run. Jobs can be created simply by innovations and executing the novel ideas in the manufacturing and service sector.

The most difficult, but the most effective way of employment generation is to create new industries. It is possible to emulate other developing countries like China and S. Korea. As India is a liberalized economy and we support free market environment where investment options are more transparent and accessible to everyone.  Nothing should be more important than creating jobs to curtail poverty and accelerate economic growth. Unemployment does hamper the country’s economic growth, whereas job creation requires a stable macroeconomic framework coupled with structural policies that encourage innovation, skills and business development.

Creating jobs is crucial for development. Most developing countries struggle with high unemployment or underemployment. Creating new jobs, improving incomes and working conditions are hugely important. Innovations and technologies contribute to economic growth and employment, but also for overcoming other key problems of development. There are around 200 million unemployed people around the world, while a further 900 million earn too little to live from their income. Secure jobs with social benefits and fair pay offer a way out of poverty, which explains why employment is a key pillar of development.

Banning of pornography material could be the most ideal step taken by the government. The government has been tracking all internet service providers for them to act upon the matter, to stop and to ban pornographic content. This act of government has already choked down more than 800 anti-social websites. There are more than 40 million porn websites that are working from outside the boundaries of India. All the government can do is planning and monitoring the act.

The younger generation of today who will be guiding the world tomorrow is facing various plights. Pornography has entered through all means of communication in this commercialized world. Pornography through internet has become a worldwide problem because this could be obtained by everyone with the knowledge of using internet facilities without any differences of age.

censored-paintings andrew-Child pornography has become a new way of earning billions of money. Exposing children in erotic poses or engaging in sexual activities is pornography and this should come to an end for the modesty of our culture and society. Of the total number of pornography websites, one-fifth is child erotica websites and the largest groups of porn viewers are between the age of 12 to 17. This content includes sexual pleasure from observing other sexual activities which leads to unacceptable lifestyle and criminal activities. Cyber-crime has become an issue in almost all the countries. Persons in the young age, including both gender groups continuously induced through porn viewing become slaves to it and they are spoiling themselves.

Closing or blocking porn websites to protect our generation is not the only way out. People engaged in producing and selling porn materials by violating the rules and regulations should be brought to court and shall be charged with severe punishment. Steps should be taken to protect children from unwholesome content which is deviating them from the right path.

The steps taken by the government to ban pornographic content and websites are very much in favor of young and innocent minds. We should try to inculcate good moral values and principles in the growing age of our children. If we couldn’t protect them, then the coming generation falls prey to drug addiction, robbery and disrespect for the women. The nation demands a generation free from mental and physical sickness and psychologically healthy people no doubt will be the drivers of India’s growth in the near future.