Women in Judiciary for Absolute Empowerment

Posted: April 29, 2015 in women's issues
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Today, The nation feels pride on the sworn-in of Raja Rajeswari, the first India-born woman to be appointed a judge in the New York City. Of course, this a great news for all of us, but for Indian women, Rajeswari is a beam of hope and she kindled a fresh spirit in their struggle for women rights and empowerment. The 43 year old advocate previously worked with the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office for her entire career and she last served as Deputy Chief. She motivated the women of the 21st century, through these inspirational words, “I told the mayor this is not only my American Dream, but it shows another girl from a far away country that this is possible.” In the past 16 years, she has worked on various sensitive cases pertaining to the emerging global issues of women and children, and she is very much contented to work for them.

women-safetyWomen should come forward and join the judiciary as they can better understand women’s issues and can strongly raise their voice for justice and rights. Indian women have shown their potential in almost every field, be it education, health, politics or the arts. Now, it is the high time to exhibit their talent in the judiciary and make the system more accountable and transparent. Because, judiciary, legislature and executive are the three prime branches of the Indian constitution and women must represent their strength in all the three branches of the government.

The world is evolving at the speed of light, people are more educated and aware about their rights. Unfortunately, despite such a big revolution in communication and education, women are still the victim of exploitation, domestic violence, workplace harassment and social prejudices. Even the lawmakers and bureaucrats are stereotyped and bit biased in dealing the issues of this weaker section of the society.

Women like Raja Rajeswari and Fathima Beevi are the source of inspiration for many women who want to serve the judicial system of India. It is absolutely true that female judges can better understand the problems of women and aspirants and they can ensure social, political and economic growth of the women. Therefore, for absolute empowerment of women, the judiciary demands their absolute participation and an unflinching determination to strive against all odds.


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