Land Disputes and Corruption Matters Advocates-Kislay Pandey

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
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Land dispute has been a matter of concern since the time of human settlement which has only become evident in the recent past which has displayed the separation of family members in numerous cases all over the country. Not only that, due to growing financial differences among communities, land has become a common target of people who use unfair means to acquire it since real estate yields lump sum profits.
The ever growing population has clearly shown settlement as a matter of concern only to throw people in the mess of antagonizing each other for even a spot of land. People who have invested in real estate often find their plots or flats being illegally occupied by folks as a result of a third party involvement. Brokers and property dealers often crave for an opportunity to deceive their clients which results in severe cases.

Property Matter lawyer
Land disputes urgently needs corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers to work towards putting an end to it. There are hundreds of cases of land disputes filed every year which are kept pending, as a result of which many people are either homeless or lose huge sums of money in these cases. The validity and power of corruption matters lawyers and corruption matters advocates are often questioned when serious cases of land disputes occupy the media.
The increasing land disputes add to the already heaped reasons of conflict between individuals and between communities. Such cases also see the already existing financial disparities being highlighted. People who are financially marginalized often lose the favorable position in spite of not being guilty. This is for the simple fact that people possessing huge amount of money tend to bribe the attorneys. Thus, unbiased corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers are assets in such cases.
If we take the example of Delhi, number of suburbs like Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad are developing at a rate unbelievable. Every day the FM radio airs ads for people to book their flats, apartments or farm houses in advanced in these suburbs. And many a times, people book these only to find themselves in the trap of either fraud property dealers or cunning landlords. As the matter of fact remains, the involvement of the corruption matters advocates in Delhi have to come into the forefront as an immediate remedy to solve cases of land disputes. If not, then the best corruption matters advocates in India should treat such cases as matters of utmost urgency and solve them without delaying them further. The society has already been divided into segments uncountable. The efforts at the moment should be targeted towards removing as many of these segments as possible to bring not only harmony but also justice. And land disputes taken at any moment, is a matter which requires urgent attention.

By Kislay Pandey

Supreme Court Advocate


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