Kislay Pandey Supreme Court Advocate-How Can the Best Corruption Matters Advocates in India be Immensely Efficient?

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers

The important question lies, in a society where unfavorable social matters are evident and frequent, in the fact that how can the best corruption matters advocates in India be helpful in tackling with issues to which the society stands vulnerable. Since, the legal framework of any country is regarded as supreme, the ones who make the law or practice it should utilize it to the fullest without bring partial to bring stability at possible levels in the society. The answer to the aforementioned question can be analyzed under the heads discussed in the article hereafter.
Decrease in crime rates
The best corruption matters advocates in India are capable of reducing crime rates if the cases of criminal offence which they handle are not allowed to delay. The famous quote “justice delayed is justice denied” stands solid in matters which are kept pending by lawyers and advocates, especially in cases regarding crimes. Any negligence regarding cases of crimes should not be tolerated by the judiciary or by the government.

Decrease in crime rates
Corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers play a vital role in revealing scams and punishing the guilty if at all they work with an unbiased nature. The legal right of digging every scam to the core and leaving no stone unturned is only possessed by lawyers and advocates whose genuine and corrupt-free participation can benefit the country to a great extent.

Matters of political influence
In matters where political leaders tend to impose their influence on others, the best corruption matters advocates in India can clearly show them the path by the law and make their political influence stand futile. Many corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers tend to get carried away by these political leaders which can be of a great disadvantage to the country at large.
Every system functions by rules and regulations. The constitution of India for example itself says that every citizen must abide by the laws laid out in the constitution. But the matter of fact unfortunately remains that people with power tend to malign the very purpose of these laws for their vested interests and thus the validity of laws falls apart. The responsibility thus lies on the lawyers and advocates in constantly challenging the ones who try to distort the laws. For example, in December 2013 in Delhi, the gang-rape case which shook the entire country saw the justice being delayed. Had the top corruption matters lawyers in Delhi pledged to punish the guilty as soon as possible, it would have been utterly fair. The need of the hour is thus to make the society stress less by addressing matters of utmost concern and in which corruption matters advocates and corruption matters lawyers play a very important role.


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