Corruption Matters: Advocates and lawyers towards it

Posted: November 4, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers

The root cause of corruption, when analyzed at various levels, is found to be nothing but the lack of transparency. Transparency in organizations and institutions irrespective of these being legal, political or otherwise is inevitable to reduce the intensity of corruption matters that India witnesses today. The efficiency of the largest democracy- India is often questioned by critics of the most rational intellect. The need of the hour hence is greater transparency, with contributions of lawyers and advocates, that would lead to a lesser corrupt nation altogether!

India against corruption
The notion of vigilance exists since time immemorial in India but only its practice has been lately distorted. Corruption matters can be checked best by police, lawyers and advocates. Some famous thinker had once said, change starts at home, which evidently means to eradicate corruption one does not have to change the system, instead, a change within the minds of all the individuals who comprise the system would lead to a change in the system automatically. The case of India is similar. What we need is not a corrupt-free India but corrupt-free Indians. There are a few powerful people in the system practicing corruption at all possible levels and are followed by people who practice it at lower levels and thus the hierarchy is formed. The most powerful device to fight this is transparency. And transparency shall uncover their masquerades leading to a corrupt-free country. With joint efforts, corruption matters can be solved to a great extent by the best lawyers and top advocates of the country.

Delhi against corruption
The capital, Delhi, has always been accused of being the hotspot of corruption in the country. This cannot be denied. The capital urgently needs to practice the policy of transparency in order to check corruption matters. The contribution of advocates and lawyers is very vital in this regard. Any change in the system can be brought by the efforts of the legal framework and thus, a major share of the responsibility of making Delhi a corrupt-free state lies on the shoulders of the advocates and lawyers of Delhi. It cannot be denied that political leaders have immense power and they tend to use their influence for vested interests, but also the power of jurisdiction cannot be neglected. Thus, the combined efforts of the advocates, lawyers, leaders and citizens can make Delhi a corrupt-free capital.

Lawyers, advocates and corruption
Lawyers and advocates in India are among the best in the entire world. Apart from police forces, lawyers play a very important role in carrying out surveys of vigilance in a state or a country. Any complaint or case filed against an individual for charges of corruption gives lawyers the power to dig the case to the core and publish all details if the person is found guilty. This power of lawyers can assure great transparency. Advocates for that matter are also assets to the society in advocating issues relating to corruption and thus assuring transparency in the society. A society where the actions and plans of organizations and institutions are as transparent as possible would face corruption to the lowest level imaginable!


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