Stop Communalism to Start Progress

Posted: October 30, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
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Communalism is a global phenomenon and its root mainly lies in political interest, economic inequality and social insecurity of groups of people living in a geographical territory. India which is a multi-religious and a diversified cultural country the existence of communalism is evident but it’s growth can be restricted with right policies and strategies. A clash of ideological dichotomy often raise communalism and this division was intently built by British empire in India to disturb the cultural harmony through segregating the Hindus; the majority of the country and Muslims the largest minority of India. The purpose of this divide was easy governance and weakening the strength of Indians for the freedom struggle.

At last they succeed to divide the country on religious ground and the birth of Pakistan was the most unfortunate event for the country in the past century. Even after the division of the country this communal hatred didn’t stop as majority of Indian Muslims preferred to stay in India due to their love towards the homeland. The over-populated country struggling with economic backwardness and poor infrastructure further evoked the hatred and bad feelings towards each other due to the rising competition in jobs, business, education and life-style. Though these things were unavoidable but manageable. Unfortunately none of the government in the past 65 years tried to resolve the key issues and in spite of bridging the gap between the two communities they further enhanced the distance between the two for their vested political interest.

Stop Communalism to Start Progress

A country who fought bravely with all the foreign powers and where people of both the communities remain united at every difficult time now forget it’s rich history of unparalleled Hindu-Muslim fraternity, their unity at the time of sorrows and joint celebrations at each victory. We can once again restore this bonding, eradicate hostility and bring closer the two sides which is not only in the interest of the two communities but for the whole nation which is determined to position it as the world’s super power by the 2025.

To achieve this dream internal harmony is the most essential thing, no country can raise unless it resolves the internal conflicts and we too can do this. Now, to restore harmony and peace in the country our politicians must first stop the blame game. Finding the solution of a problem is as important as recognising a problem and for this political parties must display true sincerity and honest patriotism. Their serious and sincere efforts can spoil the game of fanatic clerics and demi-gods who voluntarily misguide innocent masses for their self interest and profits. I hope we will definitely see a united India once again and very soon the country will lead the entire world.


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