Role of the Censor Board in Safeguarding the Interest of the Society

Posted: October 29, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
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Before giving a green signal to movie for release the Censor Board of India should give due consideration to variety of aspects about the content of the film, these include subject line, language, sex & violence and sentiments of the viewers. As cinema is known as the mirror of society and it contribute in moulding the character of the youth, a mere negligence can vitiate the learning habits of the youth. Though the prime purpose of films and television is entertainment but this entertainment should be wholesome and as per the culture and ethos of the Indian audience.

Censor Board

I notice a paradigm shift in the objectivity of Bollywood, earlier the film makers were serious in projecting the social and cultural problems of the masses. In 1950s many movies screened which were not only entertaining but these were also capable share a message and create awareness. Do Beegha Zameen by Bimal Roy, Mother India by Mehboob Khan, Awara by  Raj Kapoor, Naya Daur by B.R. Chopra and Do Ankhen Barah Haath by V. Shanta Ram were the movies of that golden age which were not only successful on the box-office but these movies tugged to the hearts of millions of Indian people. Cinema is a part of mass-media and it should be as per the needs and aspirations of masses, entertaining as well as informative. It is the tendency of human mind that it learn more easily through audio-video description and if it is entertaining too then it lasts for a long time in our memory.

Undesirable and excessive use of filthy language, vulgar scenes and brutal violence may appeal the senses of irresponsible and fanatic people but majority of people who live in reality and act sensibly feel offensive by inappropriate and indecent content. Censor Board which has considerable power over the screening of films must ensure itself that the film is eligible for public acceptability before giving the certificate. Moreover, extending ‘A’ certificate doesn’t mean that the producer can incorporate anything as per his/her wish without considering the interest of the society and the nation.

Therefore, it is the duty of censor board to filter all the objectionable content which can lead astray children and youth on the wrong path. The rising cases of Juvenile crime in present era are most of the time influenced by movies. Moreover, the Indian government should also grant right to the censor board for monitoring the movies on the internet and blocking the objectionable content to save the innocence of children who are the future of our country.


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