Gandhism or Extremism, what’s your choice?

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
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Thousands and lakhs of Indian participated in the freedom struggle. They were canned, jailed, hanged and even slaughtered brutally by the forces of British empire. The mass revolt emerged in 1857 but failed due to lack of strong leadership. From 1857 to 1920 the struggle to liberate India continued but the same problem of weak leadership or in fact the absence of leadership never allowed the country to achieve the goal of emancipation.

It was the vision, perseverance and the undaunted spirit of Mahatma Gandhi that bring the whole nation on the same platform. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and others got bonded under the leadership of the apostle of non-violence. The country which was divided in the name of religion, caste and race followed the Mahatma in a unified manner. It was the unbiased character of M.K. Gandhi that compelled the Muslim to choose him as a leader of Khilfat movement. The four tenets of his undisputed personality; truth, non-violence, love and human brotherhood become the mass weapon of India’s freedom struggle and eventually India got Independence after 190 year of slavery.

Gandhi jiCriticised to withdraw non-cooperation movement after the chori-chora incident by various sections of extremists. The advocate of peace and love remained firm on non-violence till his death. It was the non-violence which made Gandhi a hero in European media, an undaunted leader before the British empire, a lovable figure among the Indian masses and an incorrigible maverick in the eyes of extremists, who were really short-sighted and short vision people and it was the extremism that dragged the unified India into a tussle of communal divide and lastly the unfortunate division of the multi-lingual and multi-religion country.

It is really an indelible blot in the face of India which can never ever be forgotten by the people of India who really love this country, who are following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, who are against all sorts of discriminations, who respect every religion and who love every human. And, how can one forget the bitter truth that the man who spent all his life for the nation, the man who always thought about the nation not for himself and his family and the man who was the spearhead of India’s independence become a victim of his own people and what the British Empire couldn’t do in thirty years disloyal Indians didn’t take more than six months, they assassinated the apostle of peace and once again led the country into communal disharmony. Freedom is lethal, a jinx for insane and irresponsible people and if we really love humanity and are loyal towards India we should follow the steps of Mahatma Gandhi rather than the fanatics and extremists.


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