Japan And India- The Two Powerful Friends

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
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Indo-Japan relations improved drastically in the last few years. Asia’s two great economic powers have been constantly improving the political and economic relationship which is good sign regional prosperity in Asia. Not only trade and economics, the two countries are focusing on cooperation in energy, science & technology, infrastructure, health, cyber security, tourism and many other areas of mutual interest. Besides, India, Japan and US are engaged in a Trilateral Dialogue on security issues since November 2011.

India-Japan-relationsFrom time immemorial, India-Japan relationship is known for strong cultural tie-ups. Buddhism is considered as the strongest linchpin to connect the two countries. During India’s independence struggle Japan was the strategic base for Subhash Chandra Bose and in courtesy, Indian National Army fought under the Japanese Imperial Army against the British forces in the second world war. Both India and Japan are peace loving countries and that is why people of these two nations respect one and other. Japan is a big trade partner of India, electronic products and automobiles of the Japanese companies appeals very much to the quality conscious Indian people. In fact, Japanese firms see India a great market for their products, they never hesitate to invest in India. Similarly, Japan too is an attractive market for Indian firms, especially in textile, apparels, gems and jewellery and food businesses.

In 2006, that time India’s premier visited the Japan and signed “Joint Statement Towards Japan-India Strategic and Global Partnership”. Japan has helped India in building many flagship infrastructure projects in India, prominent among these projects is Delhi Metro. These days the newly appointed PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi is on Japan’s visit and experts believe that this visit will definitely strengthen the relationship between the two countries and shall open new vistas of friendship treaties and techno-economic agreements. Japan already confirmed a USD 35 billion investment in India’s investment projects, days ahead will be full of optimism and strong bonding will prevail between Asia’s two biggest economies, this is the ultimate wish of all and opinion of majority.


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