Alcohol should be banned as it is no way a boon for the country

Posted: September 1, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers

Every year thousands of people have been ending their lives due to driving while drunk. Families are dividing due to alcohol addiction and quarrel between the spouses and women are insecure as drunkard often target women for their lust. Alcohol is the mother of all evils, an inebriated person can do any type immoral and criminal activities as after consuming liquor it is difficult to control the body as well as mind and involuntarily actions of a drunkard can cause any type physical, monetary or social harm. So, if we want to save children, women, families and society in totality then there is a dire need to ban production, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. India a country known for its rich and healthy culture, where respect of elderly, women and weaker people is like a part of religious affairs, how can we tolerate to see these people vulnerable to the attack of drunkards. For how long they will be allowed to tarnish the image of India. States as well as Centre government should take the issue seriously. We can compromise with the worsen social situation just for the sake of few bucks; fiscal revenue in the form of taxes. Our economist and policy makers are myopic in calculating country’s revenue, in fact the money government draws in the form of taxes from the liquor producers and traders is much less than the expenses country incur each year in various human, physical and social losses due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages. abuse-of-alcohol-and-drugs

Alcohol is not the legitimate biological need of human body, it is an irrational urge which lead the incessant addiction. How can the human society legalise a product which affect negatively on the brain and body of the consumer and which too is socially lethal. It may have some benefits but its disadvantages are far more than its benefits and to ban it with full consensus. Gujarat is heading towards prosperity and growth and banning of alcohol is a significant factor in the development of this state. Drinking spoils not only the individual but society on the large.


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