Searching For The Valid Reasons To Celebrate The Freedom

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
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A country which boasts on its status of world’s largest democracy, fourth largest economy and birthplace of different civilisations and religions is still struggling to integrate the people from 29 states and seven union territories who once fought with British empire in a very united way. A country of 1.2 billion people is away from the feeling of oneness, where people are more concerned about reservations in government job rather fighting for equality, justice and removal of poverty. People are more interested to elect corrupt MPs and MLAs of their particular caste or community rather choosing an honest and fair candidate. A country where women are publicly raped and assaulted rather granting respect and protection and a country where half of the population is stricken by grim poverty, how can I celebrate Independence while things are almost same despite completing 67 years of a free country. Even after 67 years of independence poor are getting more and more poorer, farmers are compelled to suicide due to the negative circumstances and women are tied in chains of so called traditions and value system at home and insecure outside as the bloody paws of male dominated society always active to torn their  modesty.
Demand The Need
Corruption has become our hallmark, from politicians to police personnel and bureaucrats to business people all are responsible for the dark stain of corruption on the brow of Mother India. Justice is a far cry for common man and what I agonised me more that even the Judiciary is not free from the filth of corruption, the institution of undying faith and trust currently fusilladed by the stingy criticisms of our fellow citizens. Victim of political influence, it is quite tough for judiciary to move without the interference of ruling government. Economic growth has no significance without development which should be holistic, inclusive  and sustainable. I am angry, but not cynical and believe that things will change soon, rural India will also witness a parallel growth, the new government will take strong measures to alleviate the poverty and judiciary will enjoy real independence, then I will celebrate Independence Day and stop frowning against the corrupt system.

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