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Forests are the first domicile of human race and they are still important for acquiring various natural products and their by-products such as timber and paper. But, the non-economic benefits of forests are more significant for sustenance of men, animals and other lively creatures of flora and fauna. They control rainfall, protect soil, regulate climate and protect from many natural contingencies.
Unplanned urbanisation & industrialisation and the unending greed of rich countries contributed immensely in environment degradation, global warming and depletion of ozone.  Moreover, primitive activities like agriculture and animal rearing also responsible for deforestation and environment degradation.
The 1998 flood in China compelled the government to think about forest cover and logging activities have been banned in various river basins. However, China continued to import timber and other forest products from other developing countries. Similar is the case with United States and European countries, they conserve their own natural resources but import forest products from the third world countries in abundant quantity. In 2011, US and Europe collectively imported forest products worth $130 billion.
At one end developed countries insist the third world countries to reduce their consumption based upon forests products, but on the other end they are reluctant to change their lifestyle and procure forests products from developing countries. It is irony to say that west consumes most of these products but blame poor countries for deforestation and environment degradation. We expect more bites than buzz and concrete actions than mere lip-service. Environment protection policies made by developed countries are lacking in purpose and sincerity, they are continuously polluting the planet Earth in the name of growth and development. It is the responsibility of developed countries to make environment protection policies considering the need of poor and underdeveloped countries and they should talk about sustainable and inclusive growth of the whole world, not the area specific growth.
The real estate of India is booming once gain and budget was the turning point in this growth. The raising deduction against interest payment on home loan from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2.0 lakhs is expected to propel demand from the middle class for homes in Tier II and III cities. In addition, induction of much needed foreign investment in the sector with the introduction of REITs will give relief to developers, who are struggling with 20%-plus financing cost. Moreover, the allocation of over Rs 7,000 crore towards the development of 100 smart cities by the Finance Minister in the union budget, concessions on housing loans and increase in allocation under rural housing are some of the positive factors which contributed immensely in the fresh growth of India’s realty sector.  Against this backdrop, financiers are anticipating 20% growth in the home loans business this year over the last fiscal.“There are no signs of stress in the sector so far. figures show that the loan growth to commercial real estate has been strong and robust mirroring other segments. Retail housing loans have grown at a compounded annual growth rate of 15.6% to more than Rs.5.36 trillion in March 2014 from Rs.2.95 trillion in March 2009 while loans to commercial real estate have increased to Rs.9.07 trillion in March 2014 from Rs.4.58 trillion in March 2009.” – S.S. Mundra – Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India.
Both HDFC and Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance witnessed a growth of 23% and 15% respectively in the growth in the retail home loan book during the first quarter of 2014-15. The Indian property industry is one of the quickest growing marketplaces on the globe which is predicted to touch US$ 180 billion dollars by 2020 with regards to industry size and in this growth NCR has been able to attract significant investment from MNCs, Big corporate, foreign investors and NRIs. Delhi & NCR is an investor-friendly region with good infrastructure and harmonious industrial relations.
A country which boasts on its status of world’s largest democracy, fourth largest economy and birthplace of different civilisations and religions is still struggling to integrate the people from 29 states and seven union territories who once fought with British empire in a very united way. A country of 1.2 billion people is away from the feeling of oneness, where people are more concerned about reservations in government job rather fighting for equality, justice and removal of poverty. People are more interested to elect corrupt MPs and MLAs of their particular caste or community rather choosing an honest and fair candidate. A country where women are publicly raped and assaulted rather granting respect and protection and a country where half of the population is stricken by grim poverty, how can I celebrate Independence while things are almost same despite completing 67 years of a free country. Even after 67 years of independence poor are getting more and more poorer, farmers are compelled to suicide due to the negative circumstances and women are tied in chains of so called traditions and value system at home and insecure outside as the bloody paws of male dominated society always active to torn their  modesty.
Demand The Need
Corruption has become our hallmark, from politicians to police personnel and bureaucrats to business people all are responsible for the dark stain of corruption on the brow of Mother India. Justice is a far cry for common man and what I agonised me more that even the Judiciary is not free from the filth of corruption, the institution of undying faith and trust currently fusilladed by the stingy criticisms of our fellow citizens. Victim of political influence, it is quite tough for judiciary to move without the interference of ruling government. Economic growth has no significance without development which should be holistic, inclusive  and sustainable. I am angry, but not cynical and believe that things will change soon, rural India will also witness a parallel growth, the new government will take strong measures to alleviate the poverty and judiciary will enjoy real independence, then I will celebrate Independence Day and stop frowning against the corrupt system.

Demand The Need

Posted: August 13, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers
The best way to live life, live it at fullest. This philosophy of present era which sounds great but the word   ” Fullest ” is neither clear nor concrete in its meaning, majority of people opine it as  ” acquire every bit of material benefit from nature,” but it is really the real essence , meaning or feel of this word Fullest ?
We end or you end demands never end, if learning is a lifelong process demand is an engine which propel this process. We always emphasise on better planning and goals to live a life of an accomplished person but ignore or rather skip to talk about the medium(vehicle) one should choose in order to pursue his goals.

Demand The Need

Control the controls, a good planner thinks about the end result- right on target , a planner with a good insight and vision thinks equally about the mechanism to achieve success, on the whole planning should go parallel with organising and controlling the things.

Family is a unit of society, a healthy society can survive when needs of a family synchronise or go along with the needs of society. Who will determine the needs of society ? Of course every member of the society not through an electoral process but through analysing his/her expectations from the society and, what society expects from him?
Resources are limited but wants are unlimited, now every member of the society have two options either to curtail his wants or enhance the available resources through some productive work.
We all wants equality, justice, opportunities and prosperity in the society and these are legitimate wants in fact needs of a society. But how to craft such a utopian society ? Equality lies on empathy, justice on conscience , opportunities on efforts and prosperity of a society depends how effective and efficient is the society in her valuable resources and undoubtedly nothing can be more valuable than a pro-active member of a society.
Hence it is the responsibility of the society to work on the development of her member , similarly it is the responsibility of people to contribute their best to the society.
It is tough to curtail our demands but it is easy to convert ourselves from liability to asset for a prosperous society. And this human development should be on holistic basis comprises social, psychological, political, judgmental, ethical not mere economic.
One should try to understand distinction between needs and wants in order differentiate between economic growth and economic development.