Indian women under the siege but not protected

Posted: July 8, 2014 in Corporate Lawyers

Gender inequality is an outrageous issue in the world’s second largest populated country; a country which is highly diversified in terms of religions, languages and geographical factors is integrated to suppress women rights as the male dominated culture of majority of states allow little freedom to the socio-economic development of these women. They have been treated as the sub-standard creature of the God and to bear the wrath of males is considered as their duty. These social embargos and unequal treatment drastically affected the personal and social development of the women  in a very pathetic way.

Deprived of many basic human rights they are forced to marry at young age, that is why only 54 percent of Indian women are literate against 76 percent of men. Not only socially they too lack in substantial financial assets. In states like Rajasthan women work outside for livelihood apart bearing the household responsibility. Despite inheritance laws women are devoid of property rights. As per the HDI 2013 ranking gender equality in India is worst in south Asia, next to Afghanistan. Even countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan stands above India.

Girls are considered as a burden to parents due to the dowry and gold jewellery required for their marriages. A strong preference for sons is the root cause behind the uneven sex ratio. Domestic violence, workplace harassment and eve teasing on public places made their lives really troublesome. Rape has become one of the most frequent word these days in all daily newspapers and dowry related deaths is still a major concern for parents. To bring equality and change, government need to prepare a proper action plan, need to generate awareness among the women for their rights and strict laws along with immediate execution will somehow help to curb the atrocities on women.


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